ECOICEGRIP and StopGlissBio
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How it works

Winter traction aid that’s effective for up to six days at temperatures to -37°C with a single application!

Spread rate

1 L of product covers approximately 3 sqmt (or 25-30 sqft) of surface area.

EcoIceGrip traction chips cover up to four times more surface area than salt!


A new way to deal with Winter ice

Finnish study

Swiss study

A message from your pet:

It hurts when I walk and run on salt.  My paws sting.  I lick them, but the salt has harmful ingredients that affect my health.

When I walk on wood chips it is like a walk in the park.  I love walks in the park, and car rides, I love car rides too, unless you are taking me to the vet for a shot, I don’t like shots.

Thanks for listening.  I love you. You are great.  I am so happy you are home!

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