ECOICEGRIP and StopGlissBio
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A new and 100%
eco-friendly winter traction aid

Select wood chips treated with brine, embed in ice for a comfortable traction surface

An economical, effective, and ecologically friendly alternative to road salt and de-icer alternatives


Applied to packed snow or ice, Eco-IceGrip traction chips become encrusted to form an effective nonslip surface. And there’s no need to reapply: thanks to their light weight, the wood chips stay on the surface, even after multiple freeze-thaw cycles.


Oblong and flat, the traction chips provide a safe, comfortable, and visible walking surface that won’t roll underfoot. Safer for pets, too!

Pet Friendly

Easy on the paws.  Non-toxic.  Worry free, like a walk in the park!


The wood chips can be applied mechanically using conventional spreaders or by hand. And because they are biogradable, there is no need to worry about stray wood chips that find their way onto roadsides or lawns.


Eco-IceGrip is proven longer lasting than conventional road salt, sand or gravel.


Eco-IceGrip’s traction wood chips are sustainable and renewable.  They have a pH neutral brine coating and are noncorrosive to concrete or metal and won’t contaminate groundwater.


Biodegradable Eco-IceGrip wood chips can be repurposed at winter’s end for use as compost, mulch or industrial fuel.


Lab tests have shown Eco-IceGrip wood chips don’t trap traffic-related heavy metals.

EcoIceGrip: Overview

  • Softwood chips 5–20 mm in length
  • Treated with formulated bring
  • pH neutral, won’t corrode concrete, metal, steel
  • Spread by hand or using conventional equipment


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